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Your Vehicle Registration Notice is Changing Effective July 1, 2013!
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Effective Through June 30, 2013

Vehicle Tax Notice
A tax notice is generated three (3) months after a tag is renewed or a new tag is received. This tax bill is valid from the time a tag was purchased (or renewed), through the expiration date as shown on the vehicle registration.

Tax Block
If taxes remain unpaid for four (4) months after the due date, a block will be issued to the NCDMV on the registration for your vehicle. To avoid a tax block being placed on your vehicle registration at the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV), this bill should be paid promptly. Should a block occur, NCDMV will not send a registration renewal. A paid tax receipt (Form # MAV-2) from the Cleveland County Tax Collector must be presented to the NCDMV before the registration can be renewed.

Taxing District
The taxing district is determined by the residence location of the vehicle’s owner on the date that the registration was applied for or renewed.

Vehicle Value and Appeal
The tax value is based on average retail. The value is determined as of January 1 of the year that the tax becomes due. This value may be appealed to the Tax Assessor within thirty (30) days of the billing date shown on the bill.

Vehicle Sold or Moved Out of State
If you receive a bill for a vehicle you no longer own (and the plate has been turned in to DMV) you may present a bill of sale or other transfer document and the “Receipt of Tag Surrender” (Form #FS-20) to the Tax Collector for a possible tax pro-ration. Form #FS-20 and bill of sale must be presented to the Tax Collector within one (1) year of the date the plate was surrendered.

If you have moved out of state, registered the vehicle there, and surrendered the NC plate to DMV, you may request a tax pro-ration. A copy of the out-of-state registration and Form #FS-20 must be presented to the Tax Collector within one (1) year of the date the plate was surrendered.

Tag Transfer
If you transfer the tag from the billed vehicle to another vehicle after the tag was renewed, the original bill remains in effect for the full twelve (12) month billing cycle and must be paid in full. The newly acquired vehicle will not be billed for property tax until three (3) months after the next tag renewal.

If you no longer own the vehicle listed on the bill, but you have transferred the license plate to another vehicle, the tax bill should be paid in full as is. You will not be billed on the vehicle that you transferred the plates to until you renew the tag next year.

Pro-Ration of Bill
Pro-ration for any reason requires the Receipt of Tag Surrender (form FS-20 from NCDMV) and proof that the vehicle is no longer in your possession or that you have registered the vehicle out of state. Pro-rations are figured according to the month in which the license plate is surrendered to the NCDMV. There must be at least one full month remaining in the vehicle tax year upon date of surrender. We must receive request for pro-ration and necessary documentation within 12 months of the date license plate is surrendered to NCDMV.

Name Changes
The Tax Administration Office is required by law to list the owner’s name exactly as it is listed with NCDMV. Any name changes must be done with NCDMV. 

Collection Status Codes
When you view your bill online, the record will be marked with a status code. A full list of these status codes can be found HERE.